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Who Will Survive In America?

Since the beginning of American history, racism has been rooted into our culture. You could make the argument that it's part of the culture of humanity since the beginning of history itself. However, something more unique to America is the systematic opression of black people.

Racism didn't die with slavery. After Lincoln freed the slaves with an executive order on January 1, 1863, the systematic opression of black Americans continued through not only segregation and Jim Crow laws, which kept them separate and unequal, but also redlining, lynching, and race riots.

Redlining in particular is an often-overlooked part of history, beginning with the National Housing Act of 1934, in which the Federal Housing Administration used price manipulation and division of neighboorhoods based on "security" and "desirability", while denying black Americans housing loans, in order to enforce a kind of soft segregation, which results in the heavily segregated ghettos and neighborhoods we see today. This was shortly followed by other public and private sector organizations to deny black American insurance, healthcare, or even access to supermarkets.

Though the practices of this era have declined dramatically, their effects are still felt today. Not only are black Americans disadvantaged economically, the attitudes of racism still flow through the businesses and government agencies run by people whose eyes are still clouded by racism. They are disproportionately imprisoned for drug charges due to the racism of police and a War on Drugs funded by the greed of private prisons. They're then put to work for profit in a chilling mirror of the slavery that we've supposedly put behind us.

Then, in the face of continued and increasing violence towards them from the police, those who are meant to protect, when they have the audacity to claim their lives matter, they are met with condescension and contempt by those who claim this is to the exlcusion of white people. This shows a misunderstanding of the message. Imagine a family seated at a table being served Thanksgiving dinner, but one person iss left without mashed potatoes. They speak up "hey, I should get some mashed potatoes," and are met with the response: "everyone should get mashed potatoes" as they continue to eat their complete meals. Black Lives Matter is an affirmation of a fact in the face of a world that tells them their life doesn't matter, a world where black Americans must always be on guard with the police because they feel like their life might be taken from them for no good reason, as they see it happen over and over. A world that says their life doesn't matter when they speak up about this injustice and are told to quiet down because it's not really a problem, after all, racism is over, there is no racial discrimination in America. This tells them they are more likely to be killed or imprisoned not due to prejudeice, but an inherent flaw in who they are, based on the color of their pigment.

We may never reach the day MLK dreamt of, a world where racial discrimination no longer exists, but we can sure as hell try.



released April 23, 2017



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GØDWIN Illinois

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Track Name: Untitled 05 (Kendrick Lamar Cover)
Somebody said you bumped your head and bled the floor
Jumped into a pit of flames and burnt to coal
Drowned inside the lake outside
Away you float

And that means the world to me x4

Somebody said you bumped your head and bled the floor
Jumped into a pit of flames and burnt to coal
Drowned inside the lake outside
Away you float

It's been a week already, feeling weak already
Got me at peak, possibility of what could be
Situation is heavy, I've got to prove
On February 26th I lost my life too
It's like I'm here in a dark dream
Nightmare, hear screams recorded
Say that it sounds distorted but I know who it was
That was me yelling for help when he drowned in his blood
Why couldn't he defend himself? Why couldn't he throw a punch?
And for our community do you know what this does?
Add to a trail of hatred
2012 was taped for the world to see
Set us back another 400 years
This is modern day slavery
It's the reason why I'm by your house
You threw your briefcase all on the couch
I plan on creeping through your damn door and blowing out
Every piece of your brain
'Til your son jumps in your arm
Cut off the engine then sped off--
I got 100 on my dash, got 200 in my trunk
Name in the grab bags, put my Bible in the trunk
Taaka vodka on the top of my binocular I'm drunk
How come I can make them popular, pop em' when I want
See I'm living with anxiety, giving up sobriety
Messin up the system I ain't playing with society
Justice ain't free, therefore justice ain't me
So I justify his name on obituary
Why you wanna see a good man with a broken heart?
Once upon a time, I used go to church and talk to God
Now I'm thinking to myself hollow tips is all I got
Now I'm drinking by myself at the end of Section Park
Caught you when you walk inside your house
You threw your briefcase all on the couch
I plan on creeping through your damn door and blowing out
Every piece of your brain til your spine drip to your arm
Cut off the engine then sped off in the rain
I'm gone